Friday, October 13, 2006

Why Blog?

..............The theory is, so people will read it. Some blog to share life stories, to write & create, to touch people. Some to amuse. Some to create controversy. But ultimately, we're all blogging to get people to look at us, for whatever purpose that serves. I'm not as blog savvy as I'd like to be....I imagine there are keywords I could be using to be found by the search engines, I have yet to play the affiliate game with Ebay to make myself some money while doing this (oh, but I will. I like money). I don't troll blogs to add random comments to get myself seen. I don't play the game well, and I am so weak at it I can't even keep up with posting daily.

But I'm honest. I created the blog to attempt to get my website name out there. I sell vintage clothing for a living, not as a lark or a hobby (which is all well & good, just not how I approach it). I support my family with that income, and so experimenting with marketing techniques is integral to running the business. Do I like writing about vintage? Sure, sure. The experiences that go with this odd little career are often fascinating, and its nice to have a place to write about them. I'd certainly love to know SOMEONE was reading them, and I aspire to one day find comments here (nice ones, thanks ever so) and respond in kind. Banter. Feedback. Speak up!

Until then, I'll show up here on occassion & share some stories about vintage hunting, finds, etc etc. Meanwhile, I am also blogging for eVintage Society (click below)....& if you MySpace, subscribe to the blog! I do the non-sewing part (I'm a non-sewer, sadly) & Jen at MOMS PATTERNS does the DIY part. Its a hoot, check it out~

To see what eVintage does, look at the eVintage Society site! A plethora of wonderful sellers with things almost as fabulous as mine........Ang

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