Thursday, February 05, 2015

That's a Bra

I love to keep up with what TOM & LORENZO of Project Rungay have to say about modern fashion. They're witty, charming, catty and most of the time right. I also see things I don't get to see with my head buried in vintage fashion all day every day!

For instance, this. Dolce and Gabbanna Spring 2015.

That's a bra. And a crinoline. The hair, the lace socks with strappy shoe. But that is a bra and a crinnie. So today's get-that-couture-look tip o' the day is to invest in a black vintage 1950s/60 longline bra and a full 1960s nylon crinoline. Bam. Under $150. You're welcome.

Some bras from DOROTHEA'S CLOSET VINTAGE to get you started!

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