Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the Hole Thing

A couple of weeks ago Viktor & Rolf showed their Spring 2010 collection, allowing fashion critics and bloggers world wide to rejoice at finally get to mention Edward Scissorhands in a review. I rather loved it, despite the flack they took for taking things completely over the top (isn't that what runway is for?) and blogged about it HERE. Quite honestly I never expected to see any of those dresses again, so was pleasantly surprised to see on GO FUG YOURSELF that one of those magnificent, mind blowing tulle confections was actually worn in public by a a celebrity....though not surprised that it was KATY PERRY, seen at the MTV Europe Awards. Which I missed, because A) I live in the US and B) MTV is utterly irrelevant. Anyhoo.....

Strange that I like the runway model's make up better. Next time go for a mini with the ta's gnawed off, Katy!


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