Monday, October 30, 2006

Wheee. Its Halloween.

......................Once you're a parent, Halloween is for kids. No more dressing up in ghoulish yet sexy adult costumes to binge drink with fellow singles on a mission to get some. I will say it was always one of my favorite nights to go out......the costume coupled with the fact that the Saturday night Halloween bash always fell on daylight savings time, when we set clocks back an hour. Most bars around here would do that at midnight, so magically you had another HOUR to whoop it up! More alcohol consumed, more bad choices to be made, worse hangover the next day. Ah, fun times.

So what did I do this last weekend for the holiday's festivities? Took the lovely child to her pre-school party, dressed as she insisted....Cinderella. There was a brief fascination with the idea of being a butterfly, but one day a few weeks ahead of time she announce she would be Cinderella, and that was that. I have solemnly vowed to her I will NEVER force her to wear a costume she doesn't want to wear. Thats cruel....Halloween is for kids! Why make your child wear something they hate wearing?? Thats what school picture day is for.

Her school is wonderful, I'll say that. I was impressed with how they set the whole thing up (aside from the haunted house room, which scared my sweet child. come on, these are wee children). But well intended, and its Halloween. The best part to both of us was the room with the dance party, complete with DJ & sound system (and balloons. LOTS of balloons.). Spinning mostly kids tunes, of the mind numbing variety but hey, the kids loved it. And then.......whats that? Huh? Screaming Jay HAWKINS? Yes, yes, "I Put A Spell On You" has a slightly Halloween vibe (as does Jay in general), but at a pre-school party?

It went over fine, kids loved it......for me, the surrealness of it was only outdone by the dance remix funky fresh version of ELMO'S WORLD. I believe Elmo's voice was somehow tweaked to be even MORE shrill & annoying than usual, too. I guess you gotta give props to the DJ for trying to dial down the sugary schlock most kid's music is made of.

Anyway, I'm going to get crazy tonight & take the little one ACTUAL old school trick-or-treating. We're very near a wealthy neighborhood that should be safe.........wish us luck! Ang

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