Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Men Madness

Its back! Starting tonight! Enough has been said alll over the internet so I'll keep it brief and share a few dresses from my site I think are spot-on perfect for wearing to premier parties or just to look as glamorous as your favorite MM character.

Sweet Betty style chiffon floral party dress from the early 60s....

And a curve conscious, cocktail print Joan look!

A nice homage to the party spirit (spirits?) , a set of 1960s WEISS rhinestone martini glass brooches....

Enjoy the show!

Monday, July 12, 2010

la familia....Draper Style

Last year I was honored to be visited by Betty Draper's real life Mom, Karen Jones...of January Jones fame. She was headed to Chicago to do a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show featuring January Jones and Jon Hamm. Karen tried on several dresses, some "Betty" style and some "Joan" style. You can see the original blog HERE.

In the last few days, promo pics have been released for the upcoming season of MAD MEN. I was immediately struck by this black and gold matellase cocktail dress....

And the similarity to the skirt section of this 60s cocktail dress modeled by Karen here in my shop during her try-on session!

Wish I could say that dress was still available but it sold a while back! Looking forward to the new season....great fashion! And to check out a realllly amazing synopsis of Mad Men fashions past, check out the blog on Project Rungay (dig around on the links on the site to see all the characters get ups). For more Mad Men-esque fashions hit the site and get some 60s glam HERE!. Pass the martini pitcher!


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