Monday, October 23, 2006

Ready For Close Up, Part II

.................That giant sigh of relief you may have heard around noon today was me, finally getting to see the picture that went with my interview published today in a local business weekly. The interview was fine, I was one of 2 women interviewed as work at home Moms ("Mompreneurs" we are, yes indeedy. Clever). Anyway, I don't come off like an idiot & my website is in it, so thats all I cared about as content went. It was the PICTURE that was freaking me control over a picture several, maybe HUNDREDS of people will see? NO CONTROL? Thats not my style. I hated it, hated waiting......dreaded seeing it & finding it was unflattering. But its GOOD! Pic needs resized, will return someday.....

Thats all I got for today........busy, listing everywhere, tweaking the website in case anyone looks. The good news of the day.......I'm not so bad in print. Thats all I wanted! Ang

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