Saturday, October 23, 2010

the legend of zelda

One of my holy grails in dealing/hunting vintage is to own, if only for a moment, a piece by ZELDA WYNN VALDES. When we think of the silhouette of the glamorous songstress of the 1950s, the look is definitely hourglass....and the hourglass definitely the signature look of a Zelda. Her dresses were as strong and powerful as she was.....the first black woman to own a business on Broadway in the 1940s and a favorite of talents like Dorothy Dandridge, Ella Fitzgerald and Gladys Knight. I've read she often had to be on hand for dressing her clients for stage to sew them into their form fitting gowns!

Who better to design the first costumes for the scantily clad Playboy Bunnies? Though tame in comparison to today's bunnies (or for that matter, for today's realty TV stars), the look was all Zelda....waist whittled, bust lifted, hips accentuated.

Her pieces are few and far between in the world of vintage collection, but worth appreciating if only in pictures!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

inspiration. shop re-decor....

Starting with the pathetic fitting room/restroom/shoe hallway area! LOVE this!!!

And check out the 60s mannequin head I got today at the antique mall! Gonna take her to the shop to use for necklaces and hats.....she needs a name!

Now to find time for all the ideas!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Another follow up to the green and leopard post! Last one today, I promise....I only wish I could keep up with blogging more regularly! JESSICA asked in the comments of that last post if I really had a green and leopard coat like the one pictured and I had to hunt it down in my winter closet to share. I remembered it wrong (confused it with a tan one I have that has leopard down the sides similar to the one in the 40s post)....this one is from the 60s, and has a matching green wool sheath dress with leopard collar beneath AND a leopard trimmed hat!

As you can see....I'm a sucker for a leopard hat (and coat, and collar, and muff....).


speaking of green.....

Just happened across this picture of a gorgeous gal from the 1940s (on the *amazing* blog, GLAMOUR DAZE) rocking the green and leopard! Then I remembered I have a short version of this I just need those temps to drop!!


the write stuff

More blog love today for Dorothea's, with a bonus! Doreen Creede of STYLE MANIAC has discovered Dorothea's, and just in time to feature a gorgeous (newly listed!) purple velvet 50s dress and bolero set in a post today! While it would be exciting enough to get a nod from her fabulous blog, she's doubled the fun by using the dress to illustrate a guest post by writer SUSAN GLOSS! Susan does a brilliant job of capturing in words what many of us who are passionate about vintage clothing feel about it....about the stories and memories vintage clothing carries with it, and about becoming a part of that story in owning and wearing it (something she knows a bit about, as she is writing a book right now about a vintage clothing boutique owner). She says it best, so go look....and watch for her book, Gently Used, to come out.....I'll certainly let you know here as soon as I know a date!

A big thank you to Doreen for featuring Dorothea's, her blog is fantastic (you can also follow her on FACEBOOK and to Susan for her brilliant write up about vintage (she also has a fab blog, GLOSSING OVER IT). So excited to have met these fantastic girls!


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

going green

Stumbled across a lovely blog the other day via a friend on FaceBook where a conversation was underway about pairing red with leopard print. I casually mentioned in the comments that I like wearing emerald green with leopard print, which sparked a creative post at BON BON ROSE GIRLS featuring leopard and emerald modern fashions.... with a shout out (and link!) to me! Go on over and read it, and be sure to follow them on Twitter or FaceBook and enter to win a gorgeous green leather handbag from MIMI BOUTIQUE>

Meanwhile, since vintage leopard print will always be my favorite kind of leopard print, consider these Mad Men-esque 1960's fine wale corduroy cigarette pants in leopard...paired with a tight green emerald sweater, or a green tank and cropped black jacket....a thin long black tee and forest green suede platform heels....the possibilities are endless! Click pic to go to Dorothea's....

Some killer green suede heels from GOJANE.COM, a steal at $25.70....

Or go win that green handbag! There are loads of ways to wear green with leopard!


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