Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Do Believe I've Snapped.

........................But I love LOVE LOVE having my apartment back! A couple weeks ago...literally, November 25th, I walked past a little empty store front on my way to the vintage furniture store next door. We need a sofa....a used (albeit perfect at the time) vinyl sofa turned out NOT to be the perfect sofa for a family with a toddler and a handicapped cat who has his claws. Its looking a little....well, shredded comes to mind. I needed a sofa.

Walking past the corner shop, which used to be a deli, I suddenly could SEE it as my own vintage store. No plans to do so, was not looking for a space....but there it was. I made some calls and things literally fell into place so fast I now plan to open January 4th! I could bore you with the details of how excrutiatingly PHYSICALLY painful getting it this far has been....moving all the clothes, the racks out of my dining & living rooms....painting, cleaning, mopping. But instead I'll show you this! Click to get to my website to see more pictures......Ang

Saturday, December 09, 2006


...................Awoke this morning from a vivid dream. I was shopping in a thrift store and came upon a brightly colored, shimmering green moth preserved and mounted on tinfoil (I know that makes no sense, but dreams are wacky like that). As I carried it around I was very aware of its WEIGHT....its body seemed very solid, it was a large moth....heavy. I bought it and had it set into a shallow box. When I got home, getting out of the car I looked into the box as I carried it in and the moth started to move. First the legs, then all over. I was with someone (dream-thing, no idea who) and called to them to look.....very quickly the moth pulled it together and flew up into the air. It came back to me to thank me for saving it (this is how I perceived it), and butted its head up against my forehead in a cat-like way.....then flew up & up and I watched it get smaller and fly away. I worried a moment when it seemed near some birds that it would be eaten....but it simply flew further & further away til it vanished.

One of those dreams so vivid you can't stop thinking about it, so I looked up moths online this morning and the symbolism seems to be that the emergence from sleep/cocoon state of moths & butterflies is that of an awakening or realized dream, creatively speaking. Appropos given that I am in the process of opening my own vintage store.

Sometimes poking around online looking for things you don't normally look at can prove fascinating. I learned that the moth is often the symbol of insanity based on humans misunderstanding of the moths somewhat suicidal attraction to flame. Also found this page at WHAT'S THAT BUG, which has a section on identifying moths but also the section linked, which is a series of pictures sent by bug-folk of bugs "in love". It simulatneously fascinated and terrified me. Spider sex= more SPIDERS. A loving head butt with a moth I can apparently handle, but spiders.....ack.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

All I Want for Christmas....

......................Is to never, ever, ever hear that damn song by Spike Jones (or anyone, but more that version than any) AGAIN. Its been stuck in my head all morning today, without even hearing it in the last 24 hours. Just popped in, apparently to torture me. So much so that it forced me to look the man up on Google, where I found that he really wasn't only capable of singing cloying nails-on-a-chalkboard holiday songs. Strangely, I am tempted to find something by him to find out what he could possibly sing that isn't done in a hideous, creepy child-like voice with that GOD-AWFUL whistle.

PS, he looks insane.

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Merry Christmas~~Ang

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