Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Its fur season, whether you prefer faux or genuine, and the look this season is far from the ladylike mink stole your grandma wore. The October Vogue takes an edgy approach to traditional pelts.....

We recently shot an 80s foxtail mantle on model Amber Pirillo over a brilliant emerald green 60s cocktail dress, fox mantle available at DOROTHEA'S CLOSET VINTAGE on the coats page.

Fox fur hat, designed by myself for SUGARLIDS on etsy

1932 2 tone fox stole by Patou (I'd love to see this recreated!)....


Serious Statement Jewelry

"This all started when I was ambassador at the U.N. and Saddam Hussein called me a serpent," she says. "I had this wonderful antique snake pin. So when we were dealing with Iraq, I wore the snake pin."

Turns out you really CAN make a statement with jewelry! Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is making news with the revelation that the brooches she wore when working with foreign leaders and to meetings at the White House were carefully selected to convey her feelings and intents. Take a look at MADELEINE ALBRIGHT'S JEWELRY and listen to the NPR story about the book...excerpts included on the page as well. I'd love to see the whole collection....and I hear it includes a bit of vintage!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hollywood Vintage

Iowa is currently a hot bed of Hollywood activity (I know, who'd have ever thought?). Tax incentives put in place in the last 2 years have been bringing film crews by the dozens to Iowa to small towns, cornfields, farm houses and right here in Des Moines. The battle over whether to keep those tax breaks in place at a government level is a topic for another blog, but for small business owners like me it has been not only fantastic for the extra dollars it brings in as well as the attention it brings to the state to draw both tourists and new residents. That said, I hope things get straightened out soon!

As for how its played out in my vintage shop, I've not only worked with wardrobers on films ("Peacock" with Susan Sarandon/Ellen Page which will feature many vintage pieces from my shop, "Fertile Ground" with Leisha Hailey) but also seen a great many cast and crew members come in to do some vintage shopping. The last several weeks have brought in Forrest Whitaker, Leisha Hailey, Amy Smart and Rose McGowan, all fans of vintage! All a delight to work with, and all happy with their much so that Rose McGowan even talked about it (and other Iowa related experiences) on her TWITTER PAGE! Looking forward to seeing pics of her, Amy & Leisha in their vintage dresses from the shop (and Forrest in his ties!)...

While its been great for me its been great for Iowa as well, so here's hoping Governor Chet Culver gets this back on track!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Grey Gardens for the Win

It should come as no surprise to any reader of mine that I was rooting for Grey Gardens to sweep last night's Emmy Awards. Two years ago I was contacted by the wardrober about a few pieces from my website they were interested in using for the film, and when it finally aired on HBO this last Spring I was thrilled to see a 1930s dressing gown I'd sent them appear on Jessica Lange (as Big Edie Beale).

Unfortunately there weren't 2 awards available for best leading actress in a movie, as both Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange gave superb performances as the Beales and both deserved the win. Jessica won and looked stunning in a teal green...

And Drew channeled the young Little Edie in a pale pink 50s inspired gown by MONIQUE LHUILLIER and carried a handbag designed by RAVEN KAUFFMAN, aptly named "Drew" and created after the designer saw Drew play Edie Beale in Grey Gardens.

Lhuillier made quite an impact on the red carpet last night, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was impressed by her vintage inspired romantic designs. Emmy winner Toni Collette in a brighter pink...

And Mila Kunis in a cocktail length deep red Lhuillier...

So many gorgeous dresses. Dorothea's has officially dressed an Emmy winning actress for an Emmy winning film! Thats pretty thrilling to be a part of. And speaking of award winning, I'll be watching today's OPRAH SHOW to see the dress from my website worn by JANUARY JONES' Mom, Karen! Read about it HERE from Sunday's Des Moines Register. Hoping she gets the camera coverage she deserves!


Friday, September 18, 2009


Thanks ever so much to Malie at VINTAGE SHOPPING GUIDE for her blog post about the vintage hats from DOROTHEA'S CLOSET VINTAGE being in the September issue of VOGUE MAGAZINE and her lovely write up about my own line of hats (designed by moi), SUGARLIDS. You can read her blog HERE!

And a couple of the newest lids....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shiny Shiny

Its a post & run blog but couldn't help noticing KRISTIN CAVALLARI on the red carpet at Sunday night's VMA's in a vintage (read 80s) strapless dress in shiny aluminum silver. Thats Kristin on the left with Katy Perry....

Something positive in spite of Kanye West's pathetic behaviour that night!


Saturday, September 05, 2009

When Vintage Looks This Good....

Why shop the mall and wear what everyone else is? On a nearly daily basis I hear people express that they "can't" wear vintage or don't get how to wear it without it looking like a costume. Well, here's how. And swing by the site to check out a page devoted to showing you other WAYS TO WEAR VINTAGE....either head to toe, mixed eras or pieced into a modern wardrobe. Its hot AND eco-chic!

40s appliqued skirt with an 80s sequined tube top and 30s velvet corset lace dirndl with an Edwardian crocheted bonnet...

Here, a red rose print chiffon 50s dress with 70s belt, red velvet cape from the 1930s, 50s bottle green scarab beetle brooch and 40s feathered cocktail hat....

Early 1920s very Mary Pickford babydoll style wedding dress with organza ruffles and silk ribbon worn with a hat from my line, SUGARLIDS designed from a vintage fox pelt & millinery pieces....

We could mix it up all day, but these shots give a great idea of how vintage can be worn with a very modern attitude!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Des Moines Buzz

Lots of web-press for Dorothea's today! First the DESIGN_SPONGE mention, then an online article by local write Sophia Ahmad for the DES MOINES REGISTER/Juice Magazine! about her visit to my shop during the weekend visit from Betty Draper's real life Mom. She even used my pics (with permission of course). So, thanks Sponge & Sophia!!



DOROTHEA'S CLOSET is in the Guide to Des Moines, Iowa highlighted on today's DESIGN_SPONGE!. A fantastic blog, most honored by both the writer of the guide and the blog to be mentioned! Many thanks.


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