Thursday, October 19, 2006


..........................I got annoyed today, searching Ebay for vintage things. I sell, yep. But I also BUY. As both a seller and a buyer, I have pretty well had it with sellers who don't research a damn thing & take a gamble on popular keywords to get people to see their wares. I got so irritated at the whole Ebay realm, at how the search is set up to how so many people have no idea HOW the search works, that I wrote a GUIDE to perhaps help people shopping for vintage on Ebay. Its a start. Someone might read it.

And by reading it, in theory one would avoid things like this. The much over-used keyword ROCKABILLY. I won't even bother going into what rockabilly IS, you can take a quick peek at the VIVA LAS VEGAS site to get an idea if you don't know. Now don't get me wrong.....I'm cool with rockabilly. I used to be fairly into the scene myself, even attended VLV one year. I realize, to a degree, the term is open to interpretation. I respect those who push the boundaries of 'billy. Hell, I was the one at VLV sporting a Frank Sinatra tattoo and wearing a black 40's peignoir set as a dress (realizing, of course, the Nazi-billies would frown upon that, but without care). Its cool to stray a bit.....I'm not the one to sit with a Nazibilly & philosophize as to who was cooler, Eddie Cochran or Gene Vincent? I have no idea, like 'em both, but just as likely to put on some Duke Ellington or perhaps a little Kiss. Part of the reason I strayed from the scene was that hardliner attitude. That said, I may not have bought into the look whole hog but I know what it IS.

So, on a lark, I decided to type into the Ebay search "rockabilly dress". I'd love to show you the ROCKABILLY PRAIRIE style denim maxi 70s dress, but the images were protected by the evil minions of Bettie Page of the Prairie. However, I can show you some other swell highlights........

MOD ROCKABILLY, falling in between old school & the 80s revival, I suppose....

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BOHO ROCKABILLY, for the more earthy types....this one also titled INDIAN PRINCESS...

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Wearing that, you'll need your BOHO ROCKABILLY BOOTS, naturally....

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And lastly,, yeah, titled ROCKABILLY. Aint it though?

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Thats a fine example of some rockabilly gear available on Ebay right now. Mind you, there are GREAT things out there! Its harder & harder to find on Ebay, but for some truly GENUINE rockabilly from a seller who knows her man 'billy, check out FAST EDDIE'S RETRO RAGS, some cool men's RAB stuff & great vintage for the ladies, too. And I promise you, despite my own personal bent toward dressing slightly outside the defines of all that is the 'billy, if I list & call it rockabilly (which I rarely do), it IS. Ang

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PS, the pics don't link on purpose....I'm not going to actually insult people's listings online & LINK people to them to see who did it. Pics are enough..........Ang

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