Saturday, September 01, 2007


..................In the car, Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon" is on the radio. The kid is digging it, bopping her wee head along, asking me why he's singing about a chameleon....explaining to ME what karma means (if a guy is a bad guy, a robbing bank guy, he goes to jail. karma.). Right right right, I say. I tell her the guy's name is Boy George, she says "like Curious George!". Again, sure. Boy George is a monkey.

In honor of his monkey-ness today, I bring you an iron on to create your very own Boy George tee shirt (one I had when I was about 14, right about the time I actually dressed as Boy George for Halloween....complete with braids attached to a bowler hat, a long white coat with gaint numbers painted on it and those slouchy 80s suede boots....and ALL that make up). Click to get to the listing on eBay.....and get some culture, kids.


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