Thursday, December 23, 2010

good sense.

Just opened a teeny little boutique on a fantastic new fashion website called SENSE OF FASHION...a sweet shopping site devoted solely to fashion, from upstart designers to established, hand made to vintage. Love it! Many pieces there will not be available on the main website, so check it out and get shopping!

Just added this amazing black deerskin suede 40s bag with loads of rhinestones and unusual slide-ring with side opening, inspired by the Victorian miser's to buy!


Elegant and unique, measures about 14" handle to bottom. Flawless, as usual!

Go see everything Dorothea's has to offe, and pop by the site too!


Saturday, December 04, 2010

it's a cinch

every once in a while something truly breathtaking appears in my shop (not magically, and not for free....sadly, there is no vintage tree growing in an urn in the center of the boutique). yesterday was one of those days when not only one beautiful thing came in, but several! the rest for another day (think 20s gowns and Orientalist jackets, 30s velvets with cherries, surrealist silk 30s lounge wear)....but today, this.

silk ribbon underbust corset from around 1901 by Royal Worcester....breathtakingly gorgeous, shimmering pearl silk with bow and racy lacing up the back. available now!

truly a find~


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