Monday, June 29, 2009

More $50 Dresses!

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A few 50s dresses....

From the 60s, page 2....

More tomorrow!


the $50 Dress Event

Making room for more vintage with Fall shopping season around the corner! I've started marking down pieces on the website to $50 and will be regularly adding to that list, so check back often! These beauties are now $50 and with luck, several more will be today (I'll update the blog and TWITTER as I go)....

Today, a few fantastic 40s day dresses in cool green prints, done in a crisp cotton...perfect for summer!

40s larger size rayon with Victorian men & women in silhouette, a few minor flaws but easily worn despite them!

And a fun late 40s sundress with purple rose print, velvet bows and rhinestones!

Watch for casual 50s dress, 60s dresses, 70s dresses and lingerie to be added to the $50 event over the next few weeks! Join our NEWSLETTER LIST to get an email (maybe 2, if I'm ambitious) a week with updates on new items, news, sales and more from the website.


Friday, June 19, 2009

80s Flashback

I am only moderately embarassed to say I was a metal-chick in the 80s. Because it was COOOOOL. I can't quite grasp why digging this guy was cool...

But it was, and I can't quite say looking at our good friend and Motley Crue alumni, Vince Neil, that I am not strangely attracted to his edgy-yet-slightly-feminine look. I don't know, somehow it was tough back then to look like a poorly made up drag queen in a horror film.

Today, Vince is an everyman who is the guy at the bar you kinda dig but aren't sure about. You heart the past but know that guy is bad news. Things change. Aqua Net wanes in popularity, made up men make up a different part of our entertainment world than they did in the 80s. He seems swell, but its hard to imagine sharing your eyeliner.....

Hey, Vince....I was a pretty crazy super-metal-broad back then and equally as not-remotely-metal now ....we can hang! Call me.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The McCardell.

Weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Tracey Ullman about a Claire McCardell dress I had sold a while back, still shown on my site's archives page. She had been asked to host the CFDA Awards and not only is a huge fan of McCardell but thought it appropriate to wear a great American designer for the event. While it had sold, I happened to remember who I sold it to AND remembered that she had contacted me about wanting to sell it herself, having decided to pare back her own vintage collection. I worked a little magic and everyone ended up happy. Customer sells dress, Tracey adds dress to her collection and dress ends up being worn to a star studded event....all the way from its humble home in Des Moines, Iowa to a celebration of America's top fashion designers on stage in New York City. A perfect ending for the perfect vintage dress.

The McCardell, as photographed by me a while back (before a crisp paper background...I cringe looking at this picture!)

And last night on Tracey, with ZAC POSEN (lightened so you can see that marvelous waist treatment, iconic McCardell)...

She looks fantastic! A big thank you to Tracey for the honor and for mentioning me on stage (closest I'll get to a black tie event in New York City in my lifetime)....


Monday, June 15, 2009

My New-Old Car

My Dad's, really. Left it to me, in storage since he died in March of '08. Its in the garage as I type. And I've sat in it, started it...scared the kid to where she said she won't ride in it unless she has earplugs! Has a bored out 350 Chevy "Stroker" engine in it, aluminum header, positraction rear end (for drag racing. As. If. I. Could.). But its here all the same.

Thats a tough car. Hope I'm up to it!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lets Vogue. Hat News!

Cannot contain my excitement any more over this latest turn of events at Dorothea's Closet! I was recently contacted by VOGUE MAGAZINE requesting use of some 40s hats for an upcoming shoot for the August issue. Its a 40s themed shoot being done by none other than STEVEN MEISEL! That. Is. Exciting. Some of his work...

Yes, that is Madonna. And yes, Meisel is THE Meisel that did her SEX BOOK

So hats went, came back today in a pretty keen box...

and then an email saying 2 hats were used (still have to make we wait...and wait...and hope...) AND an email asking for more hats for an upcoming shoot for the Sept. issue and a shoot with TIM WALKER!

Yeah. Wow. And also wow. Some Walker work...

So its *likely* some hats available on my site will actually be seen in Vogue! And if so....well, wow and right on. And all achieved by mere years of good old fashioned arse-busting, elbow-grease and prayer to random deities! Pretty cool for vintage to get the modern fashion spotlight, right? Yes. So get yourself a Dorothea's Hat!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its Lulu Time Again!

Every year LULU'S VINTAGE has a top 10 Best Vintage Websites contest and its that time again! Last year I was fortunate enough to take the #1 spot which was a fantastic honor. I'm hoping to at least place again this year! If you love some Dorothea's and want to vote for me, all you need to do is go to the blog and comment your vote for me HERE!. Easy like Sunday morning, no? Lulu's blog is awesome and I am honored even to make her list, click HERE to see last year's winning top 10!


Bits n Pieces

Can't complain about all the recent mentions on fellow vintage fan's blogs lately!

A shout out and linky magic to Lisa at MY VINTAGE OBSESSION for the love she showed my site the other day (and her blog is wonderful!).

Sandra at DEBUTANTE CLOTHING did a write up about my exciting news wherein I happily supplied a CLAIRE MCCARDELL dress to TRACEY ULLMAN who is a) a sweetheart and b) wearing it to host the the upcoming CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards coming up June 15th.

Christie, a new friend aquired via having kids in the same kindergarten class and fellow etsy seller, posted a bit about my shop and buying for summer weddings at her blog GUSSIED UP!

One of my BFFs, Kim at FAST EDDIE'S RETRO RAGS returned the nod I gave her the other night by blogging something aqua of mine in a colour themed post....thanks Kim!

I may have some exciting news shortly involving Vogue Magazine, so watch this space or sign up for my NEWSLETTER for updates on that....

Lastly, doing markdowns on my things at SCARLETBIRDVINTAGE, as well as adding new hats to SUGARLIDS and have opened a shop featuring vintage bridal wear on etsy called WHITE WEDDING (love me some Billy Idol!).

That sums it up!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Little Edie at Reno Sweeney...New Hat at Sugarlids!

Yep, one hat. Buying a house and all that owning a home entails along with the Mom thing, the shop and website has made it tough to find any time to create anything but a mess...but I did finally get to do the hat I'd been dreaming of since watching Grey Gardens! At the end of the film, Little Edie realizes a dream when she is invited to perform at a night club in NYC called "Reno Sweeney" is a shot of Drew channeling Edie in full (accurate) costume....

And my interpretation, using a 1960s beat up red leotard cut down, an embossed felt side "base" and silk poppies and roses....

Found on etsy at SUGARLIDS!


Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm slammed, crazy overwhelmed. Perhaps I should put a caveat on my site about how shipping *will* be behind and that I can't answer emails quickly because I was a crazy-person and bought a house. Being a single Mom, end of school year events, vacation plans, family stuff, yard stuff, house keeping stuff....seriously, every moment I spend at my shop or on the site feels so scattered I can't keep up. I suck!

But my shining light in the fog is my friend Kim, who blogs as FAST EDDIES RETRO RAGS. She has her own plate full and still manages to do it right and be funny AND witty doing so.

Hat tip, Kim!

PS, I did shoot some good stuff recently, some of which is on my newly created shop on etsy for vintage bridal...WHITE WEDDING. And this awesome 40s beach hat will be on the site tomorrow (if my damn laptop cooperates)....


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