Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh, Those Crazy Goth Emo Amish Kids...

.............Look, I won't claim to understand emo the way I (mostly) do rockabilly. Goth I pretty well get. Emo? I'm not sure what it IS, however....I am positive it isn't this.

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Its ACTUAL title is "TeacherChurch Amish vintage Black Tuxedo Dress GOTH Emo". Amish. AMISH.

I looked a little more into the Amish spin on this dress, and found that the vintage sellers these days are working a small trend (hot off the runway, no doubt) called "modest". Its apparently the polar opposite of the nasty skank-wear sported by the likes of Paris, Lohan & their ilk. Likely fully supported by PARENTS......but really, are the parents shopping eBay for Amish style clothing for their teenage daughters? I'm all for cleaning things up a bit, a little less skin showing on the kids & all. But AMISH fashion for the mainstream teen? Oh, Paris....what have you done? Ang

1 comment:

miss vintage love said...

Thats hillarious.
I will say though, anything thats against Paris I'm all for, 100%!!

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