Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Ornery" (orig. published June 8, 2006)

"From April 16, 1937....Jean doing better now, well enough to fret over joining the Country Club in Burlington Iowa.

Hello Lambie-

Well I am glad the C Club fellows did not find out what a "terrible" couple you are and also find out about your "terrible" past. Now that you are both undiscovered I hope you will get real enjoyment out there at all times and too you can now get your NERVES settled again. "Fellow Members" I salute you. Poor little dear you have so many nerve racking troubles that DON'T exist, its funny how real troubles don't bother you. Anyhow the best peach in the orchard and the world- so there. Lots of Love & Kisses to my Fellow Members-Always Love- Ornery Dad"

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