Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Letter to Bob (orig. published June 8 2006)

"Dearest Bobby-Boy:
So glad to get your sweet letter this A.M. and was so glad when Mother came over yesterday and said you got home O.K.
Your week-end visit sure did help me a lot and I was so glad you could come. We had a fine time- didnt we. I just about died when I heard you had to spend an hour with those people and wish you had made arrangements for him to come here.
Well here is news- it looks as if we will leave here to-morrow. Dr Counsellor said I could leave to-morrow or any time I feel well and I believe by using wheel chair here and at hotel the trip won't be too much for me. It will be at least several days before I will feel equal to going to the clinic or down the the dining room. But I dont believe I'm overdoing it by going to-morrow. I truly hope not as that will be very bad. I walked up to the desk here and back to sun parlor rested a few minutes and then walked back to my chair- so you see I am much better than I was Sun.
Kelly's star pupil left to-day and for all her speed I can't see that she beat me so much. I can get into the chair better but still need help at the toilet- but I think with Mother's help we can manage OK and both get by for less than its costing me here. The meals haven't been so good here since Sun, all the meat tough so that I had to take mineral oil to-day. And had to send back nurse for more food. I've been sitting up quite a lot too. We went for a ride yesterday and I sat in the chair on the two sun porches for a long time.This noon Mother used the "pro-curler" so my hair looks like something once again. I'm sitting as near the radiator as I can until it drys, sure hope I don't take any cold. Mother has gone to get a bite, do a little washing and see about room at the Samaritan. She brought over my clothes this A.M. and took a big box of stuff home with her.
I'm excited over going and hope nothing comes up to prevent it. Once I get there it shouldn't be so long until we can make plans to go home. Sure hope you have a good week and will be very careful. This is the first word and words I've written since Oct. 25- I'm getting tired but lasting longer than I expected. Hope you feel really honored! Got a beautiful bouquet of big yellow chrysanthamums and small deep red over from the Gray's this A.M. Sure too bad Dr Mayo- he was only 34. Have been taking your pills- think thats the reason for the long letter. Sure hope I get along all O.K. during the move. The preacher called yesterday and no prayer so I think I'm going to get by. Nice letter from your Dad to-day. Did you get up to see Dad this A.M.? Be good and real careful and I'll look for your letter to-morrow. Love & kisses- Jean XXXXXXXXXX "count 'em".
She added off to the side in tiny print "If you tell anyone I wrote you make it very clear that's all I'm doing as I really don't feel equal to more and don't want to offend anyone- Love J.B.H."
This letter was written while she was recovering from back surgery, as I mentioned in the last post. I think its a lovely glimpse into the mind of a young girl struggling to feel well & go home to her husband.....there are several more, I may share a few. I do intend to get some newspaper clippings & corresponding quotes from the letters from her Mom posted soon....maybe tomorrow! But this is what I can share with you all from work here today....enjoy! Ang

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