Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hulitar, Looking Back

As we celebrate 3 years of webbiness, I am looking back over some of my favorite pieces. One of the most amazing gowns I ever had in my possession was a silk beaded 50s gown by PHILIP HULITAR. The gown ended up back in the family, being sold to Philip's daughter to be given to her daughter (the granddaughter of Philip) for a wedding gift. Not only was it a fantastic gown but had an unusually happy ending!

A Hulitar is not an easy thing to come by, but amazingly there are a couple on etsy right now! This sweet little cocktail dress is from MOCK TURTLE VINTAGE...

Hulitar grew up in Greece and was inspired by the dance costumes worn by his neighbor who would holiday there, Isadora Duncan. His asymetrical bodices, draping and flowing textiles are often a testimony to that influence. This gown has the same angled bodice top as the gown I had, toga inspired gather at side, on etsy now from seller EAST COAST VINTAGE CHIC

Don't miss the other Hulitar gown from the same seller. Heady stuff for etsy!


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