Sunday, August 30, 2009

Divorce Over Funny Papers? And More... (orig. published June 12, 2006)

No no, no divorce for far as I know, they were happily married til they were parted by his death in 1981. I found a letter with a couple pieces Jean's mother cut out & sent to her....strangely, no mention in the letter about what the intent was, but I assume she was letting Jean know she had gotten this hat & gloves....either for herself or to send to Jean (this while living in Kentucky, in 1936).
I've taken to reading the backs of the ads, and found this odd little story! Here's your divorce....
I'll have some eye candy for the sinners next, in the way of a political cartoon! For now, off to monitor Jean's green dress with cherry embellishments....its doing well! Ang

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