Friday, August 28, 2009

Fred (orig. posted June 11 2006)

I haven't gotten to many letters from her brother, Fred (whom I mistakenly assumed was younger, but is clearly a little older than her!)....I know they're in the stash I have, but I am working through slowly as time permits. I find sometimes I get so caught up in reading about her life I forget I need to WORK! And so I have not "blogged" in a few days, as I've been playing catch up on my vintage selling.
I did find a picture of she & Fred, I had thought I didnt have any of her as a small child but I do have this, and wanted to share it. I'd say it was taken in about 1907 to early 1908....
Hoping to get some pictures of newspaper articles today to get on here soon....meantime, lots of Jean's 40's dresses are at auction and ending tonight & tomorrow night (including that darling with the cherries on the shoulder!) so if you feel inclined, have a look! Ang

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