Sunday, January 27, 2008

Non Vintage.....Missing My Hobbes.

Was going through my old MySpace blogs looking for something and found the entry I posted the day my cat, Hobbes, died in 2006. In memoriam....

22 Sep 2006

Lost a Best Friend Today.

My charming, sweet puppy-cat Hobbes Asland passed away this morning at 15 years old. He was a gentleman among cats.....kind, calm & affectionate in ways not seen often in the feline realm. He loved much so he would jump in the shower with me, or in the bathtub while it was still 1/4 full. He slept next to my head on my pillow every night (and as a large boy, often leaving me with a mean-ass crick in my neck for making room for him). He loved to drink water from a running faucet & was generous with kitty-licks & paw-touches. He was a divine, noble Hobbes (Bob, Hobgoblin, Hobnobber, Robert, Hobbinator). Its been a hell of a battle this last month but when you said it was time to go, despite my broken heart I knew I had to let you. Rest in peace, gentle tabby. I'll love you always. I'll still turn on the faucet for you. Ang

Its more than I want to go into to explain why the song Summer Wind by Sinatra ended up tied up in my memory of losing Hobbes, but it did, and in honor I added it to the playlist. And please click the image of Hobbes to learn more about the Iowa State Veterinary Hospital....and incredible place with a superb, compassionate and kind staff who were trendously kind to Hobbes and I when he was ill and when he passed away. Donate if you can. Miss you, Bob.


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