Thursday, May 29, 2008

Manly Men...And Perhaps Less So.

First things first, my daughter is currently obsessed with the film NEVER ENDING STORY (which I'll admit to never seeing in the 1984 I was 14 and too cool for kid's fantasy films....though somehow now not at all too cool to get into them and CRY WHEN THAT HORSE SINKS & DIES IN THE MUD!!! WTH?? Thats not cool. At. All.)

And so the child is incessantly singing a song by LIMAHL, who yes, despite being too fab for kid's films I was NOT too fab to have a crush on (Too Shy...Hush Hush Eye to Eye, anyone?). Right? Dig.

Killer hair, sexy pout.

On eBay now...

Limahl with 3-D glasses....does it get weirder and any sexier? I'm actually not sure.

Onward to the men's goods! No, no, menswear ladies. I've been gutting my back room at the shop and listed on eBay AT AUCTION (a bold move, no?) these relatively rare, and much more manly than Limahl's colorful 80s get up, 20s to 30s pieces. Started low, price to move! Click to get to listings...

20s to 30s cotton striped shirts w/ 44 chest....

An amazing 20s waistcoat...

And not at auction but a great buy-it-now price...a 70s disco NIK NIK shirt with a huge....rooster. With a ring on it. A ROOSTER RING.

Menswear. It can be cool!



emmapeelpants said...

I saw Limahl at a party a few years back but was too chicken to go and talk to him. He's still quite a fox! ;) said...


That shirt is being used Tuesday in a shoot for the TV show "Swing Town", premiering tonight!!


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