Tuesday, April 01, 2008


living in an old building in an "eclectic" older neighborhood has its perks to be sure.

doing laundry today.....if you've seen the movie BARFLY with MICKEY ROURKE and one of my favorite actresses, FAYE DUNAWAY, you've met the folks living next to the laundry room. yep. not BUKOWSKI, but HIS neighbors. seriously. i have yet to call the cops.....meanwhile, enjoy this tribute to the film and TOM WAITS


ps, what the heck happened to Mickey Rourke's FACE????

i never needed to see this site (which should rather read, i am now totally addicted to this site), AWFUL PLASTIC SURGERY. i feel pretty. i realize this is a serious digression from vintage, but it can be argued that Mickey himself IS vintage, and Faye Dunaway has worn some pretty killer vintage inspired stuff in films like BONNIE AND CLYDE. so its all good. please don't smack me Mickey.

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