Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amazing Jewelry Finds......

I had a buy yesterday at my shop and have expanded from just clothing into jewelry as well. I am pretty picky (space dictates I be so), and within the few pieces I bought were these....(pics are links to my site)...

Both handmade, and both very rare. The top piece is a solid silver pin from the 30s to 40s by Native American indian artist AWA about him HERE

Pieces by Sireh, along with his acclaimed artwork, are very hard to find and are stellar examples of Native American art. It is truly an honor just to see this in person!!

The second piece is considerably older, dating to the late 1800s during the Victorian era when bug jewelry was the height of fashion. Scarabs were popular, and this beauty is made of real scarab beetles set in high karat gold. Its alternately fascinating yet creepy to me! I'm not sure if I'll part with it, however....something about it is just too magical.


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