Saturday, December 22, 2007


..........I'm in love. Not exactly with MARLENE DIETRICH, though she was an amazing beauty and rumor has it she showed up once to FRANK SINATRA'S place whilst he was in the middle of a poker game and merely looked at him, he left the table to join her in the boudoir, and then she left. That's Rat Pack era hot. Digression....I haz it. my lamp today, and I am smitten. Behold.

Click to get to Paul's store on ETSY, and see his other creations! It heats up and SPINS! Marlene, in lingerie, spinning through glorious 20s & 30s designer paperdoll ensembles.

This lamp brings together the sentimental happiness of my childhood spent watching spinner Christmas tree ornaments on my Grandmother's Christmas tree, as seen here (and going for some big bucks on eBay, no less)...

and my love of glamorous chicks/vintage apparel.

Marlene! Paperdolls! Vintage dresses! The glamour of smoking! Heat-up spinner dealies! Atomic lighting! I'm spent from the gid. Check out Paul's other lighting creations and enjoy. And dig some Marlene while you're at it.


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