Monday, June 29, 2009

the $50 Dress Event

Making room for more vintage with Fall shopping season around the corner! I've started marking down pieces on the website to $50 and will be regularly adding to that list, so check back often! These beauties are now $50 and with luck, several more will be today (I'll update the blog and TWITTER as I go)....

Today, a few fantastic 40s day dresses in cool green prints, done in a crisp cotton...perfect for summer!

40s larger size rayon with Victorian men & women in silhouette, a few minor flaws but easily worn despite them!

And a fun late 40s sundress with purple rose print, velvet bows and rhinestones!

Watch for casual 50s dress, 60s dresses, 70s dresses and lingerie to be added to the $50 event over the next few weeks! Join our NEWSLETTER LIST to get an email (maybe 2, if I'm ambitious) a week with updates on new items, news, sales and more from the website.


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