Friday, June 19, 2009

80s Flashback

I am only moderately embarassed to say I was a metal-chick in the 80s. Because it was COOOOOL. I can't quite grasp why digging this guy was cool...

But it was, and I can't quite say looking at our good friend and Motley Crue alumni, Vince Neil, that I am not strangely attracted to his edgy-yet-slightly-feminine look. I don't know, somehow it was tough back then to look like a poorly made up drag queen in a horror film.

Today, Vince is an everyman who is the guy at the bar you kinda dig but aren't sure about. You heart the past but know that guy is bad news. Things change. Aqua Net wanes in popularity, made up men make up a different part of our entertainment world than they did in the 80s. He seems swell, but its hard to imagine sharing your eyeliner.....

Hey, Vince....I was a pretty crazy super-metal-broad back then and equally as not-remotely-metal now ....we can hang! Call me.


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