Saturday, February 09, 2008

sweet shoes.

The Sweet are my new musical obsession. You may assume with my obvious love of 30s & 40s clothing that I am partial to the music of those eras.....which I am, mostly. But seriously, gimme some shiny pre-metal glam rock any day and I'm a happy girl, all roller skates and feathered hair and too much eye-liner. As a vintage clothing seller it did take me some time to let my secret love of 70's glam allow me to add a 70s page to my website.....I'm utterly unimpressed with the prairie and hippie looks of that era, but glam I firmly embrace! One of my first purchases and then sales of serious glam were these shimmering pastel rainbow platforms reminiscent of the work of TERRY DE HAVILLAND....

I sold them on eBay for a decent price, small size that they were (6?)....if they fit me I'd not have parted with them. They can now be seen at SHOE-ICONS.COM, click the picture to get to the proper page of 70s shoes to see them. My friend and fellow seller Laura of VINTAGE GODDESSWEAR ON eBAY has a pair of PETER FOX shoes prominently placed on the site HERE (wish I had a picture to show you, trust me, click in to see these pink bejweled beauties!).

Started off rambling about my love for The Sweet and got sidetracked by my love of SHOES!!! Lastly, a plug for an amazing book by a fellow member of the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD, Jonathan Walford.....

Have I mentioned I love shoes? And The Sweet? And glam? And shoes? Shoes. Are. Sweet. The end!


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