Monday, February 18, 2008

oscar grace.

its hardly news that the oscars take place this weekend, and it is to be expected that at least a few major starlets walking the red carpet will be sporting designer vintage pieces. i'm still waiting for my shot at dressing a starlet, but for now i'll have to be content watching and hoping the mere mention of "vintage" by the media will send people hunting online! or to my shop.

in 1955, however, it was not at all expected that an actress would wear vintage (imagine! liz taylor in a flapper dress? audrey hepburn in a worth gown? wouldn't happen). that said,

grace kelly's dress worn while accepting her award in '55 was actually a year old, designed by edith head and worn to the 1954 premier of the film she won the award for, "the country girl".

there's something charming about her wearing the dress twice in a day and age where gowns are often not even purchased by actresses for the event, but are loaned out by designers as advertising. in a throw away society the importance of buying and wearing vintage takes on a whole new meaning!


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