Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the write stuff

More blog love today for Dorothea's, with a bonus! Doreen Creede of STYLE MANIAC has discovered Dorothea's, and just in time to feature a gorgeous (newly listed!) purple velvet 50s dress and bolero set in a post today! While it would be exciting enough to get a nod from her fabulous blog, she's doubled the fun by using the dress to illustrate a guest post by writer SUSAN GLOSS! Susan does a brilliant job of capturing in words what many of us who are passionate about vintage clothing feel about it....about the stories and memories vintage clothing carries with it, and about becoming a part of that story in owning and wearing it (something she knows a bit about, as she is writing a book right now about a vintage clothing boutique owner). She says it best, so go look....and watch for her book, Gently Used, to come out.....I'll certainly let you know here as soon as I know a date!

A big thank you to Doreen for featuring Dorothea's, her blog is fantastic (you can also follow her on FACEBOOK and to Susan for her brilliant write up about vintage (she also has a fab blog, GLOSSING OVER IT). So excited to have met these fantastic girls!



Style Maniac said...

How lovely of you to post this, Angela. That wonderful wiggle dress was the perfect complement to Susan's smart and stylish story ... and I think some new friendships have been born as well!

I now have a new favorite fashion source in Dorothea's Closet Vintage. Not only do you have a fabulous selection, I love the tribute behind the name, as my grandmothers are style icons for me as well.

Susan said...

Thanks for this post! So glad Doreen put us in touch.

Ang said...

Thanks girls! I'm just happy to have met you and get to know you! Doreen, I love that your Grandmother inspires you so! And Susan, I am glad too (again, can't wait for the book!)

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