Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Want a Little Who-Ha? (or, the Holy Family)

.................I do! Quite by accident, in reality the result of a love of vintage shoes, I have stumbled into the RAMONA HOTEL, of BisKiT'S POSSUM SAUSAGE EMPORIUM. And indeed, she still has some cool vintage shoes listed.....but I digress, led astray by the pretty shoes. Can't help myself.

When the shoes I nabbed from her arrived yesterday, my birthday even, she included some postcards featuring her artwork. I have to admit, when I shopped the shoes, I didn't even look at her other listings. Not only is that rude, but poor shopping (combined shipping!). Said postcards intrigued me.....bottlecap characters, Hank Williams, Bettie Page & the Virgin of Guadalupe. Behold....

Click, to see more. And buy some!

So, off the wee child & I go to bed, and she snagged the postcards as they were new & new is shiny & shiny is pretty to small girls. In bed, where we sit & read books before the sleeping, she becomes enamored of the Virgin bottlecap lady. Loves her. Says she is beautiful, is moony, smitten....she's beautiful, wonderful, looks like a nice lady, don't you think Mommy? Isn't she pretty? Yes, yes, I say. Who is she? Well, we're not terribly religious, but this worked....she's Mary, Jesus's Mommy. She likes that.....then tells me the other two look "evil". Her word (and again, I reiterate, we're not so religious, so no idea where "evil" came from, but admitting I was amused). Apparently the child is very perceptive.....even faces morphed into bottle cap critters can still tell stories.

Now, she asks.....where is Jesus's Daddy? I say, we don't have a picture of him. She says....THIS one can be his Daddy. That one being Hank Williams. So, in our home, apparently Hank Williams is now God. I mean, I like him, but now.....well, he's God. She goes on to announce that Bettie Page can be his sister. Sister Bettie. Yep.

That's a pretty twisted holy family, but wonderfully colorful & I wholly approve. I emailed Ramona Hotel about it, and have since had a chance to check out the WHO-HA SITE, which I won't claim to be all hip & in the know on, I'm a middle class chick from Iowa so what do I know of folk/outsider art?

What I do know is I love it. And I am glad my daughter loved it enough to force my interest in the midst of a busy world & life. It's a damn fine site, really cool stuff & in my limited experience thus far, fantastic people. I'll be taking up a collection for the Hank Williams/PBR altar, just contact me for my Paypal addy.


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Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

Way cool.
I need Our Lady of Gaudelupe for my Altar in the living room.

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