Monday, November 06, 2006


.............I'm not a maroon, I just don't get a lot of time to sit & read. I'm working about 10 hours a day, most days, and the days I don't those "free hours" are spent with my daughter who sees me sitting at a computer or taking pictures of a mannequin more than she sees me blowing bubbles for her or pushing her on a swing. Sad but true, as we have to eat & pay rent. The books I end up reading more often than not are kids books at bedtime.

I have come across some great books having to do with vintage, and I LOVE spending a half hour or so with an actual VINTAGE Vogue or fashion magazine (despite the obvious frustration at not being able to run out & just shop for the things I see in them!). Whilst passing the magazine racks at the local grocery, I have many times lamented there just isn't a fashion magazine for people like my customers. People who prefer a good 40's gabardine suit to low slung jeans & midriff exposing shirts. People who prefer a kicky novelty print shirtwaist to a raunchy mini skirt & ill fitting "shrunken" jacket.

I may be jumping the gun, having not seen it, but it appears there is hope on the horizon! The kids over at the FEDORA LOUNGE have created a new periodical..... CLASSIC STYLE MAGAZINE. Premier issue available November 2006 (that's NOW!). Articles about vintage fashion, the return of the hat, Golden Era Celebrity Profile, a holiday gift giving guide & more. Sounds cool, and at $15 for a year's subscription (4 issues), not a shabby deal. I'm looking forward to my copy! Ang

PS.....this 60's alligator-that-may-be-crocodile handbag by Lucille de Paris ends in an hour & a half & the suspense is killing me. *Should* be a good ending, wish me luck! Click to see it, and bid already!!!

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