Monday, February 05, 2007


......................Well, I'm covered in yellow dust that I hope isn't health threatening, but its done.

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I've been on the lookout for this exact sofa/sectional for the better part of my adult life. I've had a similar look in JUST the sofa....low, lean, clean lines....dark brown. But never a SECTIONAL! Imagine my glee when I found this last week for a decent price. Yes, there was much glee. Had it delivered while I was at work and came home to my old sofa (not the aformentioned brown one, but an poor substitute in a black vinyl....vinyl and cats do not mix, FYI) hauled to the dump and my new wonderful vintage sectional in place. More GLEE!

Then the small child sits on it & says, "Mommy, the new couch is dirty.".

Huh? How? What? It can't be.....I run my hand on the cushion (which of course I assumed was fine when I agreed to buy it, it was in someone's living room!).....dust. Grainy dust. Much like the devil dust found in the crumbling linings of Zodiac boots (thats so sad), or so many nifty 60's coats.

I leap to the conclusion the FABRIC of my entire sofa is degrading!!!! Then I think, wait....cushions are it? Zip. Yep. Yuck.

Today with the little one at pre-school I zip to the fabric store....lucky day, they're closing and everything is 20% off! So I get some input on how to cut 4" foam and bring home some slabbage.

Drug the cushions to the alley....won't freak you out with the details, just suffice to say, eeeew. Cut some pieces of new foam, broke a couple zippers but in the end, what you see above is my new-to-me-yet-vintage-yet-newly-stuffed fabulous, functional and ever so perfect sectional! And I did it myself. Whoot!

Current pic of the shop window....had a house call the other night for some clothing not unlike what I dressed my Barbie in in the 70's! I think I squealed a little over all the pink, gold and flowers when I got home. She made hats too! Neat stuff....

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PS, listing LOTS of shoes from a fabulous estate, Ferragamos, Gucci, Levines....narrow 8s, but superb examples of 60s shoe fashions.

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Don't miss them! Lots more to come, I got close to 100 pair!


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