Friday, February 16, 2007

Big Dreams, Big Hair

.............................Ever wake up with hair you would have KILLED for in the 80's? Lately, I do, and often. If I were headed out to see Poison rather than off to work, all I'd need is a little taming of the bed-head snarls, a little teasing & some Aqua Net. To think the things I did to my hair back then to get it even close to this mornings 'do! Spiral perms, Aqua Net, back combing.....and still I'd wake up to flat, boring hair nowhere NEAR as rock-goddess worthy as it seems to be these days. Not fair.

This was, of course, the late 80's that I hearted Jon Bon Jovi & the hair metal boys. Early 80's I spent as much on Aqua Net working at the latest Brit Pop look as I did on jelly bracelets and giant cross pendants. I'm not sure when it was that I sold out to the metal side....clearly, either way I was going for men with as much product in their hair and make-up on as I had......but ask me now if I'd rather see Duran Duran or Quiet Riot and as quick as I can SAY "DD" I'm off to find my fan club pin-backs!

My daughter thinks my early morning Tawny Kitaen hair is fabulous, which is nice. I do comb it though, really.

In an 80's mood from the hair, yes, but also my assigned topic for todays eVintage blog on MySpace, "VINTAGE OR BUST!" below to check it out, and subscribe even! My friend Jen & I find some vintage clothing AND patterns to show every Tuesday and Friday morning, for as long as we can stand doing it. Check Jen's site out at MOMSPATTERNS!

And our blog, here....


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miss vintage love said...

Theres nothing quite like the 80's metal look...I was the perm queen, and wore a ton of spandex...I miss my hightop LA Gear running shoes, now those were hot!

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