Monday, October 05, 2009

Honey, I Shaved Your Prom Dress

50s prom dresses get the razor from Viktor & Rolf for Spring 2010, with a mean dash of 80's asymetrical geo shaping. Brilliant.



Denise @ Swelle said...

Thanks, Ang! It's great to see the clothes from the back isn't it? We miss so much great detail in the photos. The more I look at his collection the more I love it, it's like a tulle wonderland. But there's much more that's wearable than I realised at first, I think I was blinded by all that fabric!

Ang said...

So funny we were both drawn to this.....I'm certain its the stark contrast of the vintage-ey feel of tulle with the modern lines! Some pieces were absurdly un-wearable but still so fun. Loved the close ups on your blog!

Designer Lingerie said...

Great post. Thanks for these videos. It's really great see the clothes from the back side. I think we miss so much photos. But since the designs are really good. I really appreciate this. Keep blogging.

STEFANIE said...

Yes it was SO amazing!

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