Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Revolutionary Costume for Today...New Hat from SugarLids

I made another hat! I'm fascinated by the Beales of Grey Gardens and had an inspiration this morning while thinking about Little Edie's headgear in the film (can't wait to see the upcoming remake, partly because I have clothing from my website in it but because I love the documentary and can't wait to see Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore portray these women!). So I give you the first in what will be a series of headpieces inspired by Little Edie (and maybe one day I'll get ambitious enough to find a big floppy hat to work into a Big Edie look!).

I used a tattered men's wool/mohair blend cardigan sweater and did some sculpting, ruching and manipulating to get it into hat shape (slightly 30s inspired, actually) and left the sleeve to wrap about the neck. Added a brooch a la Little Edie and a hat was born!


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