Monday, March 02, 2009


I'm not spread quiiiite thin enough with the shop, site, Momming and buying a house so I decided to start my own vintage upcycled/vintage inspired hat line....SugarLids! I have tons of vintage millinery supplies (feathers, bases, flowers, lots of netting) from collecting and selling vintage over the years, as well as loads of fabric, ribbons and the like. I've always been enamored by vintage hats (hence 4 pages of hats on the WEBSITE), and after handling them for years I felt fairly comfortable with understanding their construction. I'll be honing my sewing skills and creating a studio within my office once I get moved, but to kick it off I made my first hat today and listed it on etsy, accessible via the website SUGARLIDS.COM.

This first hat is constructed on a modern ring base with vintage ostrich plumes, vintage netting, vintage starched crinoline pieces and a vintage satin rosette. Tilt style inspired by 40s tilt & toy hats, it has an elastic decorative ribbon to go under the hair and hold in place while tilted forward or can be bobby pinned into hair. All hand sewn and designed by me! Watch for more to come!

Yay hats!!


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