Monday, December 22, 2008

The First Spritz

As in spritz cookies, and the first ones I've had since my Grandma (Dorothea) died over 10 years ago. She made spritz cookies every Christmas, along with some fabulous cornflake and caramel bars.....both cookies were a tradition in our family. The caramel bar recipe became a pretty big deal as my Grandma got on in Christmas I asked if she was going to make them and she simply could not remember what I was talking about. She insisted she'd never made them, it had to have been someone else. She was so upset about it that she ordered a cook book from Kellog to see if she could find what I was talking about.....needless to say, she never made them again (though as it turned out, we didn't have many Christmases left).

After she passed away my Mom came upon the recipe and its been in my possession since, and I've made the bars (remarkably simple, actually, but a secret so don't ask me) every holiday for years now to carry on the tradition.

I also insisted on keeping Grandma's cookie press and kit, still in the same box she kept it in, all the discs with the different cut out shapes and different tips. However, while bars requiring no baking are a cinch for me.....working with dough and an oven has never been my strength. But something this morning made me decide to finally get the cookie press out and take a look at how it was done. I read the instructions, went to the grocery to get the ingredients, enlisted the help of my daughter to sugar and sprinkle. While I did burn a few (trays) learning how to get the timing right.....I actually managed to make a few dozen of Grandma's Spritz Cookies! They even taste the same. Amazing to think I haven't tasted these cookies for nearly 15 years.......I think my Grandma would be proud. Thanks Gram.......

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