Thursday, November 27, 2008

Teh Crafty. I Haz It.

Its my birthday, yes, yes....I know, you're all so excited you're celebrating with large feasts of turkey & all the trimmings, spending time with loved ones because I can't possibly be with you all. I appreciate the gesture. Eat lots, do some shots this evening, I won't be so keep me in mind. 39! Oy.

Yesterday I finished trimming the shop for Christmas and got a little crafty doing so, which as it is not remotely my style to actually make stuff, is saying something. Something like, hey, this isn't so hard.....its faster than ordering stuff and cheaper too! But mostly its a testimony to my aversion to Christmas decor overkill (which at home, has to happen to a degree with the kid and all, but in the shop I'm boss). I hate too much. Too much is called too much for a reason. Be-tinseled & be-ribboned, faux snow covered, twinkling multi-colored light wrapped, seizure inducing moving parts.....ugh, no thanks, not for me. After doing display in a department store for 10 years and spending a quarter of each of those years decking the store for the holidays (and then taking it down), I have developed a serious loathing for fuss.

So I took some vellum paper, in red and silver glitter floral scroll design, and made a template on cardboard of the bird used in my logo. Trace, cut (tedious, check) and voila.....bird ornaments lit by the light of nature (and at night, the light of electricty).....

Crafty, yes? Silver "ornaments" courtesy of Home Depot....roll of sheet metal flashing, a hat box lid and sharp scissors. A little spiraled ribbon to give it a wee flourish and its a go!

Got these lit up white branches at World Bazaar, again, a little Christmas lighting goes a loooong way...

Just a touch of holiday inside the shop and its all set, classy yet Christmas-ey, low fuss and easy to take down. Sweet!

Happy My-Birthday aka Thanksgiving to you all....


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