Friday, August 10, 2007

Southern Belle Chic
...................If you swing in to check out this blog now and then, I'm sure I disappoint. BUT. I am obligated (by choice, of course) to blog for eVintage Society twice a week on MySpace, which is about all the blogging I can handle! I've decided to feature an item a week HERE relating to that blog's theme, and link to the MySpace realm. Clever, no? And naturally I'll beg any one who stumbles upon my blog here to subscribe to my blog THERE (following so far?). Its good stuff, I swear.

So today, for this week's Southern Belle theme, I give you the Scarlett O'Hara hat. The 40's saw a big influence in fashion from the film Gone With the Wind, and hats were no exception. This one is available on my website, on the hats page (but of course)....

If your taste runs to the more glamorous, albeit unusual, check out the Garbo style sculpted 30's hats like this one.......

Now go check out the blog, and subscribe!! It doesn't hurt, you get a notice every Tuesday and Friday that we've posted a new one, and then you read and enjoy. Painless, really. Click below!

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