Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, MaJIcKAl UniCOrN!

.......................Sunday I took my 4 year old daughter to the park. Its been freaky hot all summer so it was the first real "fall-like" day, windy, leafy, less humid and under 90 degrees. We had to take the following......A) sidewalk chalk B) trike C) bubbles. Much swinging was done, sliding, climbing, trike riding, and then it was time for the chalk.

Anyone with a 4 year old knows that the sidewalk chalk is less for THEM to draw with than for YOU to draw with, and to draw everything they demand. At least thats how it goes for us. And bless my girl (or, bless the toy manufacturers and marketing genuises for reviving the 80s schtick), she does love her some unicorns. As a typical 4 year old girl, she also has love for horses, ponies and the pegasus. But ask her what she wants a picture of, and its a unicorn.

So as this day was no different, I draw a unicorn. A big one, almost her size. Pretty dang good, at that. Small chidren gather 'round to see the majickal creature I am creating (said with much sarcasm). A sweet 8 year old boy says "Wow......are you an artist?".

"No", I say......"just a teenage girl in the 80's.".

In the 80s I lived for the unicorn, the horses and ponies....hearts, rainbows, bubble letters, the pegasus. No artist am I, but ask me to draw your name in exteme bubble letters with rainbows, hearts and stars shooting from it and you'll be mightily pleased with the results. The 80's, for me, were super girlie happy fun times. So when I see a sweater like this, from seller Exodontia, I sort of smile inside. I won't wear it (people who lived through the 80s the first time may not revisit the unicorn as apparel), but its adorable.....

We went back to the park last night, and my unicorn was still there. Still there! No smearing from little hands and feet......nay, there was respect for the unicorn. So I was forced to draw 3 baby unicorns and a giant Daddy Pegasus. Will they still be there today? Oh........I believe. I believe indeed.


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