Thursday, January 22, 2015

Suit UP!

Every once in a while I find customers in my local boutique have NO idea that the woman's suit exists. They pick up the jacket and are aghast to find it has a matching skirt! Unfortunately, I think the suit in modern times has become equated with mediocre business women. And maybe some modern styles are mediocre. But the vintage suit is far from that!

A well styled vintage suit is every bit as fabulous as a vintage dress. Great textiles and colors available, cuts for all shapes...the boxy Jackie Kennedy jacket, the nipped waist of the classic Lilli Ann. Gorgeous trims from fur to lace to unique buttons. Instant class. And if the matching set isn't the right look for you, consider the jacket and skirt as separates! A great pencil skirt will go with nearly anything, modern or's simply a must-have for a basic in a vintage wardrobe! The jacket can be dressed up over a cocktail dress with a statement necklace or brooch, or dressed down over a v-neck tee and denim. The possibilities are endless!

So next time you run across a vintage jacket you love with a matching skirt you don't think you want, don't sell it short as a fun piece to build new outfits around. Some examples from Dorothea's...

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