Tuesday, February 07, 2012

trompe l'oh no you didn't

Moschino Cheap & Chic, pre-Fall 2012.

Hermes 1952, designed by Herbert Sondheim.

Herbie wins.



Nikka said...

oh wow! wow! wow! that's so cool! :)
real cute, and elegant.

Second Hand Roze said...

Love these! It actually took a moment to realise that some of those details were "painted" on. Lovely blog, and as for your cover - I blogged that shoe. Great minds...

Great blog Dorothea! Can't believe I didn't find it before now!

Claire AKA Second Hand Roze

Mable said...

Oh, those painted details are wonderful! I've been envisioning something like that, and now I'm feeling inspired to DIY it for fun. I'd also happily wear one of the 1952 Hermes dresses!

Anonymous said...

1920s lightweight etched metal pin of a nouveau greyhound. C clasp in back, no markings, no flaws. Large pin measures 4" tall. A stellar and unusual piece.


No Dorothea..he's a BORZOI!!! He's a Russian Wolfhound..not a nouveau Greyhound..The curly fur etched into the pin is a dead give away. He's so beautiful!

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