Friday, November 12, 2010

you talkin' to me?

The lovely folks over at JEZEBEL wrote up a pretty swell article today about learning which era's silhouette best works with your body shape (you can read it HERE...extra points to Sadie for a David Lee Roth reference!). As I took in the images she had chosen to accompany each era I noticed a print that looked quite familiar....


So I did a quick Google search of Cybill Shepherd in the 1976 film Taxi Driver to get a better look....and there it was!

Exactly the same Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress I currently have on my site!

Sure, not *the* dress she wore (as far as I know), but the exact same print and color. And I've got the same textile done in a maxi length tee shirt dress from the same collection! Check out the video of the scene the dress is in.....

Certainly a swell 70s look to embrace, no?



Style Maniac said...

I LOVE that dress on your site! In fact, I've got it tucked away in my head for a spring post! Alas I am the only woman on earth who does not look good in a wrap dress, or I'd snag it for myself. That print is divine. As are Robert & Cybill.

Ang said...

Thanks! I've found wrap dresses to be nearly the easiest look for nearly any figure....I used to have a green/white DVF mosaic tile print from the 70s I wore all the time! It was tempting to keep this one!!

Heather - said...

How cool! I just watched that movie last night & I loved all the costume choices for Shepherd in the movie! :)

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